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'Zero Bombers'

2009-09-14 17:52:38 by toastedavalanche

I'm so tired of putting a track up to have it shot straigh back down by a 'zero bomber'. I don't mind getting a low score for my submissions but that shits un-called for!!! The really annoying thing is, when your score hits a certain point, no one can find the song anymore unless they check the genre by date... which is rare. Inconsiderate tossers.

Rant over.

PS. Check out 'The Give Up'

New tune!

2009-09-13 12:49:45 by toastedavalanche

I was sitting indoors the other day after reading my 6th letter concerning university funding whilst fighting the urge to burn down my house and move to a sewer in brussels when... I decided to channel my misery in to a nice little song with a crappy title: 'Lucky Star'.

The song made me feel so much better that I decided to record it and share it with the awesome guys of Newgrounds. Once again it is but a simple recording, but it's listenable.

I'd be greatful if people could check it out and tell me what they think...

Cheers, LW

Amber's Gold

2009-03-05 18:18:43 by toastedavalanche

Hi this is actually my first post (don't shoot me).

Please check out the song 'Amber's Gold' its a catchy, funky tune. This is one of the first songs I wrote on my own and it fits nicly over a drum-loop from 'Sympathy for the Devil' by the Rolling Stones. Its the first step towards Mid-week Crisis' first EP and i'm determined to make it good. Help us shape our first venture by giving us fair criticism and your good-natures.

Rock on you crazy diamonds!

from TA.